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- Mar 28, 2017 -

CAP by wearing with object points, has male CAP, and female CAP, and child Cap (including baby CAP); by material points, has fur hats, and cloth CAP, and Fedora, and felt hat, and straw hat, and helmet, and plastic cap,; by uses points, has daily cap, and career CAP, and national cap, and religious CAP, and movement CAP; by season points, has winter cold of skin wearing, summer of shade CAP, spring season wearing of wind anti-sand CAP; by styling features points, has has eaves CAP, and boundless CAP, and cover Cap. With the development of science and technology, Cap category more expanding function appears magnetic therapeutic apparatus for medical use, deterring electronic napping CAP, massage music, radio, security alarm caps automatically.

Brimmed hat

Generally refers to the brim of the hat. There are hats, straw hats and the following varieties. ① the Panama Hat: with Central and South American palm leaves and bleaching fibers woven into the light colored hat. Summer hats for men and women. Named for its main distribution center in Panama. ② Dutch Cap: hat tip, brim turned Dutch traditional millinery or side. ③ Sombrero: broad-brimmed straw hat or top hat. Popular in Spain, Mexico and South America. Black-sailor Hat: full circle brim upward Cap reflexed. Also known as the sailor's Cap. Usually caps crowns for four, cut to a half sphere. American soldier costume. ⑤ Napoleon Hat: reflexed, easy to carry on the brim to the hat. Also known as the two-horned hat. For the Napoleonic era the main Cap. Now for the United States and Britain, the French Navy honor guard hat. ⑥ Robin Hood hats: hat tip to high reflexed on both sides after the brim caps. By the 12th century the United Kingdom named after the legendary hero luobinhandai. Sadly, hats: Hat oval Crown, brim Hat stretches around surrounded by steel support. Both folding and non-folding. Summer hats for young Chang Dai in China. ⑧ Straw Hat: rain visor dual-use resembling a visor Cap. Plants form a Plait of straw processing. Krispy Kreme hats: fabric for hats, crisp lined with Cork class, or palm leaves into Bowl-shaped Cap. ⑩ large eaves Hat: open women's visor. British film heroine Jane Eyre, also known as Jane Eyre Cap.

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