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How Does Transparent Hoodies Prevent Emptying?
- Sep 22, 2017 -

How does transparent Hoodies prevent emptying?
     With the gradual warming of the weather, we are wearing less and less clothes, and even more thin, but if this happens in the students, then it is not normal, but recently, Hebei Zhengding a secondary school "network Like a translucent Hoodies "sparked a hot discussion of netizens and parents, students wearing such a thin Hoodies can easily lead to emptiness and other embarrassing things happen, and such things for students' mental health will also have side effects, then how should we prevent this Kind of Hoodies go light? Then we discuss with you:
    Student Hoodies to prevent light control measures:
    1, if you are relatively shy of the kind of classmates, try to shorten the time to wear summer Hoodies time to wear a short time, the cold on the put on a sportswear wear in the summer vacation
    2, in addition to the innermost outside (that is necessary to wear !! Anyway is to the junior high school, and few people know, and then wear inside the chant who can not see), put on a small vest, white Or other colors can not see it.
    3, and finally pay attention to your action arm do not horizontal leveling, so you can avoid the light.
    Other clothing to prevent light method countermeasures:
    Hoodies most likely to go light Top1: thin through the shirt
    Thin fabric will let the underwear color completely exposed, unless you want to play a lingerie wearing an avant-garde dress method, I believe who do not want others to peek at your back
    Smart countermeasure: flesh color underwear can completely solve this problem. Do not think that white with white, red with red on the security, as long as the clothing is easy to reveal underwear color, we must choose flesh underwear. This is the summer must.
    Hoodies most likely to go light Top2: Bra style
    Bra style, although simple, generous, but the most taboo under the armpit fat, so there is Shoulong effect of underwear can make small meat suddenly disappeared.
    Smart measures: the armpit of the fat not only need to Shoulong effect of underwear, usually wear underwear also need to choose a suitable style, fit the seamless underwear can effectively prevent the production of secondary milk.
    Hoodies most likely to go light Top3: miniskirt
    Yellow miniskirt to the woman's charming and sexy are extra points, elegant skirt so soft and elegant temperament times significantly. The style of the lantern sleeves gives a sense of extravagance.
    Smart countermeasure: summer popular short skirt fabric is very thin, it is easy to get on the wind to float, safety pants is not only a must for a single product, but also try to pay attention to their attitude, not to embarrass the embarrassment occurred.
    Hoodies most easy to go light Top4: dress skirt
    Summer shoulder strap is easy to reveal, but the pick is not easy to fix, loss of chest function. So, small M into beads, transparent and other decorative shoulder strap, there have been pressing marks, rash and other issues.
    Smart measures: zona pellots do not recommend you to buy. Beautiful bead chain is not recommended directly close, it sewn to the original shoulder strap, beautiful and practical. There is now a kind of yarn on the market shoulder strap, suitable for mature women. Note that the color of the shoulder strap and clothing as long as the coordination, even if exposed will not be ugly.
 Hoodies most likely to go light Top5: hot pants
Ultra-short hot pants is the most hot dress this summer, but if the squat, then, do not pay attention from the trousers will reveal half of the buttocks. How can such an embarrassment show you sexy temperament?
    Smart measures: pay attention to exercise can effectively improve the buttocks lines, or choose a hip effect of underwear, but also the hips will not be exposed from the trousers.
    Hoodies most likely to go light Top6: low waist jeans
    Ultra-low waist jeans can have the effect of hip, but if you do not care to let the underwear from the waist ran out to make beautiful discount, especially without any ordinary underwear decorated.
    Smart countermeasure: wearing low waist panties is the easiest way. Many people are not used to wear low waist underwear, you can choose the lace edge of the high waist panties. Now a lot of underwear are designed to widen the lace after the waist, it is worth a lot of attention.