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On The Recognition Method Of Fake High - Grade Caps
- Jun 16, 2017 -

On the Recognition Method of Fake High - grade Caps

At present, the Caps market competition is becoming increasingly intense, the manufacturers have played a price war, no doubt, the quality of the Caps will not be guaranteed. For example, there are some manufacturers to produce the quality of the Caps is not enough, but there are some fake high-end brand-name Caps, we face a wide variety of Caps fabric, in the end how to identify the quality of the pros and cons of Caps?

First, the high-end brand-name Caps in the choice of fabrics and accessories will be in color, textile organization, fabric style and thickness and so on to match each other very properly. Such as the color of the lining, the color of the back material, the buttons and the color of the zipper are consistent, the lining will be slightly shorter than the fabric. The pocket cloth is usually made of bristles or natural cotton.

Second, exquisite workmanship, needle code uniform and tidy, all the seam will never have heavy needle, missing needle, stitches without skew, missed distance and other problems.

Third, all the plane, lines and combined with the transition part of the curve are very smooth and smooth. Collar, split head, hem and pocket cover and other parts are naturally inside and never Alice.

Fourth, each Caps of the various signs, including manufacturers trademarks, type labels, material composition and washing signs should be fully standardized. Most of the famous brand Caps in the domestic production, according to the provisions of the national law should also have Chinese logo and domestic Caps type size.

Fifth, most of the high-end brand-name Caps accessories are specially customized, marked with the brand mark. If the attachment of the sewing and loading is also very elegant, buttonhole neat, uniform, uniform and delicate lines.

Six, due to the famous brand Caps making, it is not easy to open line, blister and other problems, it is difficult to find the lack of sewing.

Caps customists tell friends, the general Caps and high-end brand-name Caps is a big difference, whether it is in the fabric, industry materials, or work, style will be different, those high-grade Caps in these areas are A lot of stress, they will have their own brand style, so we both in the purchase of finished products, or in the custom time, we must carefully observe the details of the problem, I hope everyone can grasp these methods to identify bad Capss.