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School Uniform Design To Keep Up With The Aesthetic Pace Of Students
- Aug 11, 2017 -

School Uniform design to keep up with the aesthetic pace of students
Students in School Uniform, for schools, is conducive to cultivating team spirit, enhance the overall image of the school, enhance the sense of collective honor; for students, is conducive to eliminating the students speak wear, comparisons of the atmosphere, will be more energy In the study; for parents, save the trouble for the selection of casual clothes for children.
According to the survey response "students are beginning to interest in dress, dress up, the school is now no provision for the hair, there have been many strange hairstyle, if not uniform uniforms, the classroom colorful, simply can not focus. Teaching is a kind of interference, there is no small impact on student learning. "The survey that uniform clothing, clean and neat, is conducive to enhancing the teaching discipline, but also conducive to students rational thinking.
The interviewer gave an example: "Go to a school to open a teaching and research conference, the students neatly wearing School Uniforms, compared with plain clothes, the spirit is not the same. To attend classes, students uniform uniforms, the atmosphere is very good.
Investigating parents believe that students wear uniforms, is always reminded students status, always pay attention to behavior, in the campus to strengthen self-discipline, the campus should be self-discipline.
In the past, the Chinese school system, men and women unify the uniform School Uniform style, is no longer the current youth campus culture label. School Uniform group is the majority of students, only to allow students to take the initiative, is pleased to love to wear, is the future of the success of the School Uniform market. The concept of the public more tend to advocate breakthroughs in traditional ideas, uniform uniforms uniform must not be uniform, style is not limited to the standard class, uniforms not only to cultivate the team spirit and enhance the collective sense of honor, more shows is Teenage student lively youthful upward breath.
    Market-oriented operation today, School Uniform style and more need to meet the fashion, more close to the trend of the times, the British wind, Korean style and other innovative School Uniform style more eye-catching.
Big designer Ms. Hu Lieri to join, more campus doctorate brand life into the fresh power, design sense, tone unique style. "Campus doctor" continue to introduce new, the annual introduction of 200 new models, research and development advantages of the harvest that reflects the advantages of the campus doctorate market, focusing on young students from the age stage and aesthetic psychology to design, escape the traditional standard framework and no Vitality of the color, style prominent style, merging fashion and real wear elements, the main Korean uniforms, dignified and lively, generous and elegant, pay more attention to fabric comfort and workmanship, style, once released by students and Parents, teachers love.
"Campus Doctor" American simple style uniforms, both show the aesthetic characteristics of the new School Uniforms, but also both wear durable design concept, will lead the Chinese campus School Uniform culture reform, led the students to fly in the youth Smart flying campus, the pursuit of And has a romantic beauty of the romantic beauty of the experience!
Students School Uniform requirements of the simple, generous, practical is not ugly, but beautiful. Appropriate School Uniforms can give people a positive psychological suggestion, is conducive to the freedom of students to play, increase students' self-confidence and pride, is conducive to young students to establish a correct and healthy gender awareness, to stimulate students to the pursuit of beauty.
Foreign School Uniforms, many are regarded as part of the campus culture, pay attention to style work. Such as the British School Uniforms reflect the British words and deeds, silence and subtle spirit, the Japanese School Uniforms pay attention to fashion. These uniforms not only become part of their own culture, but also play a positive role in promoting the development of their own culture.
However, the other hand, the current domestic primary and secondary School Uniforms, the style is basically sportswear and uniforms two, sportswear wear, although convenient and practical, but it is difficult to reflect the personality of students; uniforms, although more features, but not as easy as sportswear. Therefore, the domestic primary and secondary School Uniforms, students do not like a few, most that School Uniforms ugly, can not reflect the vitality, and poor quality.
In fact, primary and secondary school students wear uniforms, meaning is advancing with the times. Students wear uniforms, originally to eliminate the psychological and other self-esteem between students due to poverty, help to enhance team awareness, to a certain extent, to reduce the mutual competition between students, so that they pay more attention Put in school. Students wear uniforms, can also be distinguished from other people, the students also have some binding function.