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School Uniform Industry Usher In A Comprehensive Ecological Change
- Aug 22, 2017 -

School Uniform industry usher in a comprehensive ecological change

 From the decades of the same silence, to 2015 is known as the "School Uniform New Deal," a series of heavy policy introduced, the Chinese School Uniform industry for a year and a half, in the transformation and upgrading of the fast lane on how to move? Some enterprises are still "motion sickness" when, which areas come to the fore as "leader"? Recently, held in Nanjing, Jiangsu School Uniforms standard media interview forum, the experts conducted an in-depth discussion.

    Some areas are still hesitant wait and see attitude

    June 2015, China's first specifically for uniforms of the national standard GB / T31888-2015 introduced, marking the 20th century, China's School Uniform industry for the first time with a unified specification.

    In order to assess the landing effect of the new national standard, the 2016 opening season, including Liaoning, Tianjin, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces, including the country has carried out uniform supervision and inspection of School Uniforms, the results show that the failure of the project mainly related to pH, Content, color fastness and so on. The reasons for the failure of these projects, including fabric manufacturers rinse process unreasonable, not the necessary procurement of fabric inspection, the enterprise to reduce the cost of procurement or production of fiber content is not compliance with the fabric.

    Reporters survey found that in some areas of our country, School Uniforms by the school unified procurement, color, style, the school has the final say. School Uniform production enterprises as long as the school's recognition, to complete the sale, and the quality of School Uniforms can only be from the appearance and work to give judgments, as the main students and parents have little choice.

    As the local "School Uniform New Deal" understanding and implementation of different efforts, some areas still hesitate to wait and see attitude. Some production enterprises to "with the school procurement contract has long been signed" grounds, follow the old standard, according to the listed standard, or even far-fetched local standards, intended to avoid the harsh new standards.

    Consumers Association experts pointed out that the School Uniform industry market access, management system, and so has its inherent blind spot. Although in recent years, around the educational administration departments to strengthen the guidance of the procurement unit, but the local protection of the barriers still exist, to achieve the Ministry of Education, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, AQSIQ, the National Standard Committee 4 ministries jointly issued "on further strengthening primary and secondary School Uniforms management Work and opinion "(hereinafter referred to as" opinions ") in the democratic and transparent production, procurement and selection process is still long way to go.

    Fiber content failure rate is relatively high

    Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Technology Institute of Fiber Inspection (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Quality Inspection Institute of Fiber Inspection Institute) Deputy Director Yao Huilong said that as of the end of 2016, according to the "opinions" spirit, Shanghai 3 departments jointly issued on the implementation of 4 ministries " Opinions "notice, the notice requires the full implementation of GB / T 31888-2015 standard. A new generation of School Uniform standards will bid farewell to the classification, only one file access threshold, and from the safety, ecology, comfort, environmental protection 4 levels to be high standards.

    In terms of safety, the standard addition to the decomposition of aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde content, the use of dyes and additives to strictly regulate, but also increased the combustion performance, accessories sharp, residual metal pins and other content.

    Yao Huilong stressed that "in particular, the color fastness, washing the size of the rate of change and pilling from these consumers easy to perceive the quality of products, to other similar clothing products in the first grade indicators.In addition, the direct contact with the skin part, Its cotton fiber content nominal value of not less than 35%, which fully guarantee the uniforms wearing comfort.

    And the new standard implementation process in the relatively high rate of failure of the project, it is precisely the fiber content is not up to standard. The reason for the direct contact with the skin part of the cotton fiber content to be achieved or more than 35%, equivalent to a part of the past commonly used chemical fiber School Uniform fabric. This is actually required School Uniforms from the product design and the source of fabric procurement began, it is necessary to adjust the idea of good customs, once can not find a substitute fabric in time, it will face the risk of compliance.