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Sweaters Or Hoodies Are Popular In Casual Wear
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Hoodies Sweaters or hoodies are popular in casual wear. Wei clothing can take into account the fashion and functionality. As the fusion of comfort and fashion, sweater became the preferred young and old spring and autumn equipment.

  We advocate the charm of hoodies, but do not simply think that wearing a good enough, because when you hoodie as a multi-level wear a single product, there will be surprises. Olie Arnold, founder of Mr Porter, a large shopping mall who specializes in men's clothing, says: "A comfortable hoodie is a great creature that allows you to have a personal edge while keeping warm." A simple white sailor T-shirt, a hoodie, wearing a Slim cowboy, a pair of shoes, plus a coat or coat is the most quality wear.

  The origin of hoodies

  Hoodies A long time ago, in many clothes, the hoodie was the witness of the vicious incident in the dim alley. This is some exaggerated. In the 1930s, sportswear company championship products created the world's first hoodie. The advantage of hood design is to keep athletes warm and dry in tragic weather. Since then, it has been hip-hop singers, ski players, street teenagers through, suitable for bachelor party, college students and fashion street shoot.

  The return of hoodies

  Hoodies Although in the fashion week, many news media like to judge they can find the most rude street shooting, in fact, the truth is that most of the men are born in its own practical use. The hoodies themselves have such a practicality: comfortable, comfortable, very comfortable. The news of the hoodie return is the peak of our favorite in leisure products. In its changing form in the successful presentation of the concept of high-end sportswear is only a matter of time. Fortunately, the hoodies lasted for some time. From the street wind to the more mature heavyweight men's, hoodies really favored.