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Teach You Some Pullover Pullover Hoodiess Zipper Maintenance Tips
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Teach you some Pullover Pullover Hoodiess zipper maintenance tips

A: suggest pull zipper Pullover Hoodies, cleaning and fixed its head, if the pull head is not on, so will likely scrape cloth, and cloth belt scale. Paraffin and oily film on the surface of the zipper will be decontamination strong detergent and chlorine bleach because of dissolution, Pullover Hoodies so must pay special attention to when using.

3: when the switch zipper, sometimes because of and make the zipper pull is clipped to the cloth. Then if pulling chain blindly, will only make the burqa more tightly, Pullover Hoodies so as far as possible to pull the card in the head of the cloth to pull and then head back to the in situ, if completely stuck, don't be too hard, just slowly pull up.

Four: also must pay attention to in sewing the zipper sewn is flat and level. Wear, hat unlined upper garment, in the case of open zipper fully wear and take off again, it's best to buckle on buttons or trousers hook again zippers will be relatively smooth, if head tooth half-way stop in the chain, and is easy to cause the zipper solid barrier. With zipper boots, gloves and clothing products, etc., be careful if you also, warm, ironing cut optimum trouble comprehension skills

Five: not only must be in accordance with the Pullover Hoodies material differs character and change the iron temperature, zipper also need ironing under optimum temperature, Pullover Hoodies under the optimum material comfort to keep the zipper strong and beautiful, when ironing regardless of any other material must be made in the tooth, zipper, pull the pull head piece of flat in proper position, and put the huge after ironing.

Recently, the national standard committee agreed to publish of national standard GB/T31888-2015 "Pullover Pullover Hoodiess" primary and secondary students in the standard rules for campus Pullover Hoodies straight touch to touch the skin of some cotton fiber content of the nominal value of no less than 35%, Pullover Hoodies formaldehyde and pH in textiles fundamental request type B type safety skills, standards come into force from the date of release. This is China's first specifically for small and medium-sized students Pullover Hoodies goods of national standard. Investigation of several campus, in view of students, parents, reaction condition, they are more willing to choose the cap unlined upper garment of cotton, robust, the request is higher, the safety and comfort second style, color.

Window: formaldehyde content more strict request

According to fiber inspection bureau staff, the new standard rules of commodity fabirc and filler cap unlined upper garment of formaldehyde, pH value, Pullover Hoodies can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes such as security goals to perform mandatory national standards GB/T18401 code for the national textile commodity fundamental safety skills class B request direct touch to touch the skin, and most had the fall and winter cap unlined upper garment of perform straight touch touch skin C request. The standard greatly improves the safety quality of Pullover Hoodies requests, and no longer distinguish between goods in accordance with the tradition of Pullover Pullover Hoodiess, only to establish a barriers to entry, break the woven garments, knitted apparel industry boundary.