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The Skills Of Children's Sport Cap
- Jun 23, 2017 -

The skills of children's Sport Cap
When the mothers first choose the children's sports cap, the first thing to note is the color of the sports cap, especially the children, they have the original color of the sensitive and unique preferences. But many mothers in the color with a pinch is not allowed to engage in the baby is very strange. Sport Cap Xiaobian to introduce the following under the baby sports hat clothes with color skills, ladies hurry to see it

1) white with the principle

Sport Cap White with any color with, but with a clever, but also need to spend some thought. White under the striped light yellow jacket, is the best combination of soft color; under the ivory white trousers, wearing a lavender suit, accompanied by pure white shirt, after all, a successful color, Sport Cap can fully show self personality; Ivory white trousers and light casual shirt wear, is also a successful combination; white pleated skirt with light pink sweater, giving a gentle and elegant feeling. Red and white with a bold combination. Wearing a white casual shirt, wearing a red narrow skirt, look warm and chic. In a strong contrast, the heavier the weight of the white, the more gentle the look.

(2) blue with the principle

Sport Cap In all colors, the blue sports cap is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to the black blue, or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and blue has a tight body effect, very attractive. Vivid blue with red, people look charming, Sport Cap pretty, but should pay attention to the proportion of blue red appropriate. Approximate black blue coat, with white shirt, and then tie the tie, to attend some formal occasions, will make people look mysterious and romantic. Bright blue jacket and knee-length blue skirt with, and then white shirt, white socks, white shoes embellishment, will reveal a light charming atmosphere. Wearing a blue jacket and blue vest, the lower body with thin striped gray trousers, showing a class of elegant style. Because, the popular fine stripes can be soft blue and gray between the strong contrast, add elegant temperament.

Sport Cap Blue jacket with gray pleated skirt, is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination is accompanied by a wine-colored shirt and flower color socks, showing a self-personality, and thus become crisp up. Blue and lavender cover, giving a subtle feeling. Blue dress with a white shirt is a very ordinary dress. If you can wear an elegant lavender small jacket, will add a bit mature city taste. Head with a little of the latest Kewei curling knitted hat, wearing a lavender sweater, lower body with dark blue skirt, even if there is no fancy patterns, but also in the natural expression of the mature charm of children.